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kenya abbott jr.

Call me frank. It is my intent. Proudly, my adept studies and research surrounding social justice aligned with my innate black heritage drives my firm belief that there is no solving racial disparity without first, addressing and conquering the black experience in America. As a black woman, I face our predisposed conditions and fundamental problems each day. I am unapologetic in my pursuit of creating a better America for black citizens. In facing our daily plight, I not only discuss the issues, but actively work to change the trajectory of black status in America through conscious steps. PoliticKen, is how I match my words with action, taking what I believe are the necessary steps toward an uplifted and equal playing field for all. For me, it starts with youth.  As a community developer, connection to the people with whom you are serving is imperative. One must find intriguing methods to empower and encourage others to step outside of comfort zones to become involved and take heed to the world of possibilities available to them. From the beginning of their lives, children should be motivated to make a footprint in their community and world. In order for them to do so, however, they must be shown why it is important to their lives in the first place. 

TN Designs assisted Kenya in her rebranding process through a complete website design and promotional material.

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