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for my sister

jonae "jae queen" king

Author Jonae King, who also goes by the pen name of Jae Queen, is a licensed mental health therapist and school-based counselor in Chicago, IL. Identifying as someone who aspires to inspire, King is actively involved in youth empowerment and mental health advocacy. When she is not spending time with her husband and daughter, King enjoys blogging, traveling, and trying new foods. 

For My Sister is a short and sweet self-help book that highlights four critical areas of every woman's life that we often overlook while trying to keep our heads above water by just being a woman. Relationships, Mental Health, Self Esteem, and Organization are explored as readers are asked thought-provoking questions that are intended to challenge them to make themselves come first by prioritizing their needs, as well as overcoming obstacles on the road to learning about themselves and becoming the best that they can be. 

TN Designs assisted Jonae in her promotional tool branding and cover design for her new book, For My Sister.


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Book Cover


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Book Cover

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