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Blossom Glam Shop

Whitney Marie, better know as Whipped By Whit, has been gracefully enhancing women and their beauty for the past 1 1/2 years. Aside from the love of creating art with makeup, she thrives off of the feeling women get when they get out of her chair. A feeling of confidence and empowerment. She has experience with professional women, bridal, and editorial. Whitney has also studied under and received two certificates from celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine. When she’s not hard at work making women feel beautiful, she’s occupying her time being a mother and student. Overall, Whitney is striving to book with celebrity clients and high profile professionals. 

TN Designs assisted Whitney in her social media rebranding process by providing optional templates, color swatch combinations, instagram highlights and a makeup resume design reboot.


Graceful. Elegance. Poise.

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